Bremtown Cabinet Distributor, Based in Clemmons

Bremtown precision wood grain cabinets

Bremtown cabinets are hand-crafted from choice cuts of wood. The folks at Bremtown use laser cuts for maximum precision in each of their models, giving homeowners a wide variety of prime cabinet looks to choose from. Our Clemmons remodeling showroom features tangible examples of Bremtown cabinets, with color samples you can bring home and model […]

Beautiful Brown Jordan Outdoor Cabinets

Brown Jordan outdoor cabinets for cookware

Choose outdoor cabinetry with a premium look that matches your outdoor appliances. Jordan Brown outdoor kitchenware offers an all stainless steel selection of cabinets, with optional powder coating for a nearly maintenance-free operation for years to come. Aside the looks, the great thing about Brown Jordan outdoor cabinets is the flexibility. All of the cabinet […]

Your Clemmons Kitchen and Bath Design Studio

Kitchen and bath remodeling colors

The challenge is real. You’re in the Clemmons, NC area, thinking of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and aren’t sure where to begin. You know that big chain hardware stores carry supplies, but while the staff there might be knowledgeable about certain things, they aren’t remodelers. And maybe the specific trim, designs, or counter tops […]

We’re An Authorized Wellborn Cabinet Dealer

Wellborn has been a go-to name in cabinets for over 55 years. Homeowners and remodeling contractors have trusted Wellborn because of the hand-crafted care that goes into each cabinet set. Exacting standards have been a big part of that. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) sets reliable construction standards in the industry, and Wellborn’s offerings […]

Premier Remodel Material Distributor

Village Kitchen and Bath was conceived to fill a need in the Clemmons and Winston Salem area market — those looking to remodel their homes, and looking for supplies a bit more upscale and with a wider selection than what’s available at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Our retail location allows homeowners to stop by and […]

Everybody Has a Remodeling Budget

Here’s the thing. No one likes to talk about money. Whether you’re buying a car or talking about home renovations. But knowing your budget framework upfront helps us to help you. Consider why: Let’s say you’re buying a car. You know you want a silver, four-door sedan.  Now, if you tell me this — I […]

Understanding the Differences in Quartz

Quartz is the fourth-strongest material on the plant. Only diamonds, sapphires, and topaz outrank it when it comes to strength. Added to its strength, quartz is also resistant to staining, chipping, and impact. Basically, quartz is nature’s lifetime guarantee. With that in mind, it’s little wonder that quartz is a hot commodity for kitchens everywhere. […]

Buying an Exhaust Fan

Who doesn’t love a hot, steamy shower?! But as luxurious as they may be, that steam can wreak havoc with our bathrooms. An exhaust fan helps channel air so that an accumulation of moisture doesn’t settle in the bathroom. Otherwise, the concentration of humidity and moisture can cause mold and mildew — things we don’t […]

A Guide to Drop In Sinks

What is a drop in sink?  Well, as the name implies — it’s a sink that drops into the kitchen countertop.  It’s a cost-effective sink that is a much easier installation option versus an undermounted sink.   Though the concept of the drop in sink stays true no matter the model, there are some considerations […]

Why Knowing Your Budget Matters

Planning sheets for a home remodel

You’re ready to build.  It’s time to remodel.  You make the call.  You schedule the appointment.  And then, you’re faced with the dreaded question:  “What is your budget?” GULP.  We know.  No one likes that question.  There’s the fear that if you share a number and you’re way over, the quote will eat up every […]