Kitchen and bath remodeling colors

Your Clemmons Kitchen and Bath Design Studio

The challenge is real. You’re in the Clemmons, NC area, thinking of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and aren’t sure where to begin. You know that big chain hardware stores carry supplies, but while the staff there might be knowledgeable about certain things, they aren’t remodelers.

And maybe the specific trim, designs, or counter tops you had in mind aren’t carried there.

We opened Village Kitchen and Bath to meet this need.

Village Kitchen and Bath is a kitchen and bath design studio, equipped with everything needed to transform your space.

We Carry The Biggest Names in Interior Design.

Not only do we carry premium design brands like Wellborn and Brown Jordan for cabinets, we have tangible samples in our showroom of a variety of materials.

Nothing helps determine what you like best in cabinet design or counter top materials, for instance, than standing next to it, touching it, and getting a sense of the character it brings to the room.

However, simply having the supplies is only half the equation. Our showroom staff are all experienced remodel experts who can answer any questions you have, and even make suggestions about how best to accomplish your vision.

We urge you to call and set up an appointment so we can ensure you get the undivided attention your project deserves — particularly if you have questions in advance.

Village KB’s Co-Founder Is An Accomplished Interior Designer

The husband and wife team behind this studio and sister company Lael Homes bring the same expertise to both fronts.

In this case, Kelly Lael’s interior design expertise acts as the ideal counterweight to Andrew’s building experience.

Our kitchen and bath design studio supports all the brands we carry, so we aren’t beholden to any specific setup or product. When we’re advising customers, the sole focus is putting our knowledge to work for them and helping create a home they are excited about every day.