Planning sheets for a home remodel

Why Knowing Your Budget Matters

You’re ready to build.  It’s time to remodel.  You make the call.  You schedule the appointment.  And then, you’re faced with the dreaded question:  “What is your budget?”

GULP.  We know.  No one likes that question.  There’s the fear that if you share a number and you’re way over, the quote will eat up every penny. Or, you’re worried that you’ll be laughed at…. And told your number is unrealistic.

But that doesn’t happen with us.  We ask your home remodeling or custom home building budget for a very specific reason: To make sure we can give you what you want and know how to adjust accordingly.

It’s really that simple.  And the truth is, stating your budget on the front end is something that will ease your anxiety while you wait for our official quote… You can be confident knowing we’re working within the parameters of a number you can afford.  And we’ll feel more comfortable putting your quote together knowing that we’re working within the parameters you expect.  Win-Win!  

We don’t ask for your budget to put you on the spot.  We know how to work with all kinds of budgets!  And we know how to make adjustments and look for products that will work within a certain framework.

If your budget is way off of what our expertise knows is the norm, we’ll be upfront with you, but we’ll also be kind and offer some solutions that may help you get where you need to be with your numbers.

So, please…. When you call to schedule your appointment with our interior design and custom homebuilder team, go ahead and start thinking of a number.  And then, let us create the home renovation project of your dreams!