Quartz Countertops

Is Quartz better than Granite?

Quartz is one of the hardest surfaces on earth. It combines the durability of man-made materials with the beauty of natural stone, making it perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. While historically it doesn’t have the reputation of natural stone, it’s nonetheless one of the fastest growing materials used in the countertop industry. In many cases, quartz surfacing can meet or exceed the ratings of granite on just about any level.

Their primary ingredient is ground quartz (about 94 percent), combined with polyester resins to bind it and pigments to give it color. For some designs, small amounts of recycled glass or metallic flecks are added to the mix. The resins also help make these counters stain and scratch resistant—and nonporous, so they never need to be sealed. Compare that with granite, the reigning king of high-end countertops, which typically requires a new protective top coat at least once a year.

PROS – It’s low maintenance, antimicrobial and design friendly.

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