A Guide to Drop In Sinks

What is a drop in sink?  Well, as the name implies — it’s a sink that drops into the kitchen countertop.  It’s a cost-effective sink that is a much easier installation option versus an undermounted sink.  

Though the concept of the drop in sink stays true no matter the model, there are some considerations when making your choice during your kitchen remodel project.

Counter Space

First — how is your counter space?  While the drop in sink is affordable, it does eat into some countertop real estate.  Plus — because of the way the sink is installed, it may cleaning a bit of a headache.  So consider your counter top space as well as access to your wall or backsplash.


Second — let’s talk about materials.  Stainless steel is a favorite for drop in sinks.  It’s affordable and durable.  It also works with a variety of kitchen styles.  Stainless steel drop in sinks will range in thickness between 22-gauge (which is thinner) to 16-gauge (which is thicker).  The gauge of the steel will impact the price tag.

Some drop in sink options come in natural or manufactured stone, including a composite of several materials.  Whether granite, soapstone, or quarts — these stone options can be more durable than stainless steel, but require more specialized cleaning in order to preserve the stone’s looks and integrity.  

Additional options include cast iron, copper, and ceramic.  These aren’t common options and include their own sets of challenges including a propensity for rusting (cast iron), price (copper), and chipping (ceramic and cast iron).

We would not recommend acrylic drop in sinks because they can scratch and melt if exposed to boiling liquids.


The third consideration for a drop in sink includes style.  Some of the options includes single basin, double, or even triple basins.  Style is a very personalized decision and will effect cost.  As with anything, the user must weigh the pros and cons of a single, double, or triple basin, but another option to consider is a drainboard sink.  This allows for a bit in dish-draining area and cutting board as a part of the design.

When remodeling your kitchen, a drop in sink may or not be the best answer, depending on your style and budget.  Your interior designer can guide you on the best choice for your kitchen.