Brown Jordan outdoor cabinets for cookware

Beautiful Brown Jordan Outdoor Cabinets

Choose outdoor cabinetry with a premium look that matches your outdoor appliances. Jordan Brown outdoor kitchenware offers an all stainless steel selection of cabinets, with optional powder coating for a nearly maintenance-free operation for years to come.

Aside the looks, the great thing about Brown Jordan outdoor cabinets is the flexibility. All of the cabinet sets are designed to fit most outdoor appliances, meaning that adding small fridges, grills, smokers, pizza ovens, and even microwaves is easy.

Brown Jordan outdoor cabinets are available in different configurations:

  • Variable powder finishes – As mentioned above, the powder finishes protect the surface from corrosion and are available in several colors. You can even select wood grain to give the cabinet fronts the appearance of wood with the durability of steel.
  • Appliance cabinets – These are what you’d store small appliances in, specially sized for a great fit. The cabinet doors protect the appliances from weather conditions.
  • Grill cabinets – Specially designed to store cooking accessories and fit right alongside most grills.
  • Kitchen countertops – Outdoor counters built to withstand the outdoor temps and remain beautiful for entertaining.
  • Wall cabinets – Want to build storage right into your walls? These cabinets can be custom sized in 3 inch increments, from 9 inches all the way up to 48 inches wide to accommodate any setup.

You have a wide variety of appliances your outdoor kitchen can integrate into the Brown Jordan collection. Electric burner cooktops, microwaves, grills, and even bar setups all work very well.

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