Bremtown precision wood grain cabinets

Bremtown Cabinet Distributor, Based in Clemmons

Bremtown cabinets are hand-crafted from choice cuts of wood. The folks at Bremtown use laser cuts for maximum precision in each of their models, giving homeowners a wide variety of prime cabinet looks to choose from.

Our Clemmons remodeling showroom features tangible examples of Bremtown cabinets, with color samples you can bring home and model in your kitchen and bathroom. Seeing it in person is the best way to determine what’s going to work well for you, much more so than browsing a catalog or looking at photos on a website.

Both distributors of Bremtown cabinets and customers have all generally commented that they appreciate the timely deliveries and obvious attention to detail in the look and finish of the material.

Bremtown Kitchen Options

You can find Bremtown cabinets in plenty of finishes. Darker shades such as Cherry, Walnut, and Matte Eclipse (to name a few). A few choice examples of their lighter finishes include Nordic White, Maple, and Alder.

Bremtown White Oak Finish for cabinets

Bremtown’s cabinets have a personalized quality to them, and their quality finishes have made them a brand people could recommend since their start in 1977.

Stop by our showroom to see Bremtown’s beautiful designs in person. Call to schedule a time with a remodel and design expert.

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