Everybody Has a Budget

Here’s the thing. No one likes to talk about money. Whether you’re buying a car or talking about home renovations. But knowing your budget framework upfront helps us to help you. Consider why: Let’s say you’re buying a car. You know you want a silver, four-door sedan.  Now, if you tell me this — I […]

Why Knowing Your Budget Matters

Planning sheets for a home remodel

You’re ready to build.  It’s time to remodel.  You make the call.  You schedule the appointment.  And then, you’re faced with the dreaded question:  “What is your budget?” GULP.  We know.  No one likes that question.  There’s the fear that if you share a number and you’re way over, the quote will eat up every […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get into this business? For Kelly – interior design is part of her DNA. She grew up in the business, watching her family as they owned and operated their own construction and interior design business. Andrew got his training the old school way. From digging ditches and working on job sites, framing […]