Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get into this business?

For Kelly – interior design is part of her DNA. She grew up in the business, watching her family as they owned and operated their own construction and interior design business.

Andrew got his training the old school way. From digging ditches and working on job sites, framing homes, Andrew’s education is based on decades of experience. 

Andrew has been a licensed general contractor since 1986. We can provide proof of his license upon request. As a general contractor, Andrew is required to attend continuing education each year to maintain his license — a requirement we fully support!

Together, we specialize in new construction, additions, remodeling, renovations, and interior design. Our marriage is a perfect partnership — both personally and professionally.

Do you carry insurance and workman’s comp?

Absolutely! We carry a $2 million umbrella policy and workman’s comp insurance. We also require our sub-contractors to carry their own workman’s comp and liability insurance.

We maintain copies of their proof of insurance in our records.

We can provide documentation of our insurance upon request.

Do you pull permits?

Absolutely! We do everything to code and beyond. Jobs under $30K do not require permitting as well as other specialty projects. However, we are diligent to pull permits as required as a matter of ethics and professional policy.

Do you have any professional memberships?

Yes, we are members of the North Carolina Home Builder’s Association as well as the National Home Builder’s Association. 

Who are your sub-contractors?

We’ve worked with many of our sub-contractors for 20+ years. We have a dynamic crew who are professional and represent our business well. We carefully vet our team, and they know our expectations are high!

Who are your vendors and suppliers?

We often use local vendors and suppliers. We choose products based on known and demonstrated quality. We know our name is behind this and we use manufacturers who stand behind the products they make and deliver.

Do you have references?

We sure do! You just ask, and you shall receive!

What makes Lael Homes different from the competition?

We are nicer than they are. Just kidding! We really are nice people, but we are sure they are too! But our difference comes down to our complementary skills, and one-stop-shopping solutions. In short, we have taken decades of experience and have learned to work smarter, not harder. It really helps that we are a builder / design team. Kelly speaks “builder” and Andrew speaks “designer.” And that complementary skill set as well as our willingness to bring the best options to our clients help make the Lael Homes difference. 

What can we expect from your quote?

You know how every fingerprint is different? So is every project. Sure, there may be certain similarities and we may be able to eye-ball a project and give you a guesstimate. But if you want real numbers, those take time to coordinate. We give very detailed estimates because we don’t want to have awkward conversations later. When we give you a project estimate, you can trust that every nail has been accounted for and every inch of caulk is factored in.

We are very thorough and detailed. It generally takes up to 3 weeks to pull together a quote.

Do you offer 3D renderings?

Yes! We have a cabinet-design program called 2020. Don’t worry, it functions much better than the actual year “2020.” It enables us to create beautiful 3D renderings for you to admire before and during the project. Once we’re done, you get to admire the real thing.

Is there a cost for an estimate?

That depends on how you look at it. Estimates cost 2% of the estimated contract downpayment for large scale remodels. This is because every job quote is specific to the individual job, and so there’s not a master price sheet that we can just quote a number. All of this is credited back when the contract is signed to start work on the project.

How long do these projects take?

Again, every project is different.

We can discuss the length of a project once we understand the full scope of work.

Will I get a say in what happens? How much of my input is involved?

Absolutely! This is your house, not ours! Your style, not ours!

We are here to facilitate and guide, but nothing is selected without your approval!