How to Choose an Oven

Choosing an oven should be simple, in theory. But there are so many options! Do you want an oven with a cooktop? Do you need a wall oven? Or convection? If you’re getting an oven range, do you need electric or gas? What kind of hood do you need? What about color?  

These are just a few of the questions you’ll consider during a kitchen remodel, and the options can be overwhelming.


The easiest question to answer off the top is whether you need a wall oven or an oven range. You know what your kitchen’s configurations will allow for in your home renovation and kitchen remodeling project. And if you’re remodeling a kitchen or building a new one — it’s a matter of personal preference. Just remember — if you’re installing a wall oven, consider the option of having two ovens. If you like to cook or have large family gatherings, this may be a no-brainer. And it’s important to note — wall ovens are generally smaller than oven ranges.  

Power Source

Choosing between gas and electric may come down to the power source in your home. But if you have options — electric ovens are generally less expensive but cost more to operate. Gas ovens may cost more but be more cost-efficient long term. Some other things to consider when contemplating gas vs. electric:

  • Gas ovens heat faster than electric. Thus the pre-heat time is shorter.
  • Electric ovens may heat slower, but they maintain a more even temperature than gas.
  • Gas ovens give off moist heat.
  • Electric ovens are easier to start up.

Weigh your options. A remodeling contractor can guide this decision based on your space, lifestyle, and budget.