Buying an Exhaust Fan

Who doesn’t love a hot, steamy shower?! But as luxurious as they may be, that steam can wreak havoc with our bathrooms. An exhaust fan helps channel air so that an accumulation of moisture doesn’t settle in the bathroom. Otherwise, the concentration of humidity and moisture can cause mold and mildew — things we don’t […]

A Guide to Drop In Sinks

What is a drop in sink?  Well, as the name implies — it’s a sink that drops into the kitchen countertop.  It’s a cost-effective sink that is a much easier installation option versus an undermounted sink.   Though the concept of the drop in sink stays true no matter the model, there are some considerations […]

How to Choose an Oven

Modern kitchen design with stainless steel oven

Choosing an oven should be simple, in theory. But there are so many options! Do you want an oven with a cooktop? Do you need a wall oven? Or convection? If you’re getting an oven range, do you need electric or gas? What kind of hood do you need? What about color?   These are […]